XOD Owners Insurance scheme

The XOD class association are pleased to announce a partnership with www.soakinsure.com for the insurance of their members’ boats.

After speaking with individuals within the fleet, it became clear that there was a need for a bespoke insurance solution for the class.  www.soakinsure.com have shown a real understanding of the XOD boats and the unique requirements ownership of one of these classics demands.

The partnership with www.soakinsure.com provides:

1) A consistent basis for the premiums charged and the excesses applied.

2) The cover provided for the XOD boats has varied significantly between providers but is now clear and a comprehensive cover.

3) By contrast to some other insurance programmes the XOD Owners Insurance scheme does not full out of water surveys every 5 years.

Working alongside www.soakinsure.com, XOD class members can now benefit from competitive premiums, no survey requirements, and standardised excesses. Insurance premiums for XODs have steadily increased over recent years. Soak Insure have researched the insurance market and developed a scheme with the insurers to provide a simple online quote system to help speed and simplify the process of getting your XOD insured.

To obtain a quote, follow the new link from the association website www.xonedesign.org.uk or go to www.soakinsure.com for a quote.

XOD Association 09/06/2021